An in depth introduction

I began my love of Reptiles and Amphibians as a kindergartner catching Bluebellies with my brother in Modesto, Ca. As a young child and frankly still today I was very addictive. When I would get interested in something I would research it none stop. Unlike most phases I went through including coding, baseball, and track, I never got over my passion for Reptiles and Amphibians. I was wonderstruck at every aspect of them; how they moved, ate, drank, and behaved. I would spend hours a day learning everything I could about them even as a small child. When I had finished 4th grade I begged my mom for a pet snake, and she said a firm no, as my mother had a crippling fear of snakes. However, I was able to get her to allow me to own a Bearded Dragon that I saw at Petco. I named my lizard Mckayla and she ended up living a shocking 21 years. She was the most influential person in my life. I would spend hours with her in pure amazement. A year after getting her one of my old teachers who was retiring gave me his old 3 toed Box Turtle that was 55 years old. This is when I fell in love with Turtles and Tortoises he was just so cool. He would constantly be doing things and there was never a snail snack that he would turn down. He was stolen 2 years later. Throughout High School I was already breeding and selling reptiles. The first that I ever bred were Russian tortoises. By the time college came around it was obvious that I wanted to do something with reptiles. I was considering Zoology or Herpetology. After a lot of thinking I decided to go into the Herpetology field. I wanted to go to the University of Florida because Florida is where the reptile scene is. After graduating I decided to work at a venom milking facility until 4 years ago when I opened my own. Currently my favorite species in my collection is my Black Mamba, Spitting Cobra, and my Fer-de-lance. In this blog I will post informational writings on subjects in the reptile world.

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