top 5 expert reptiles

Hello peeps, today I’m going to tell you my top 5 best expert reptiles.

5. Elephant trunk snake

The elephant trunk snake is one that most people don’t know about. The one above is a hatchling of mine from last year. These snakes are extremely difficult to keep because they are aquatic. Yes aquatic, and it’s a real pain taking care of the ph requirements and the cleaning and since they mostly eat fish and amphibians preferably its very hard to care for these guys feeding habits.

4.  Argus monitor

The argus monitor is difficult to care for due to a plethora of reasons. The biggest being size and temperament. While these guys are for the most part nice they are also unpredictable. I got bit by my big male and had to be hospitalized just 2 years ago.

3. Puerto  Rican boas

This is my favorite snake in my collection, but their also extremely hard to keep. The main reason being in the wild the mostly eat bats, and in captivity trying to get them to eat rodents is beyond difficult. I have gotten both of mine on rodents but unless you have a lot of time and energy I recommend you stay away from this animal

2. Keeping crocodilians is obviously for the insane. Being one of those insane I can tell you this…DO NOT GET one unless prepared. They are very dangerous and only for the experienced owner with time and energy to work with these animals.

1.Venomous species

This is my Fer-de-lance Joe. One of many venomous animals I keep. Venomous snakes are always a danger no matter the circumstance. Be it handling, feeding, or milking. Venomous animals probably shouldn’t be the animal of choice for most keepers.

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