Creating an Amazon Basin Biosphere

Hi guys huge news….I am creating a custom biosphere. For the majority of you guys that don’t know what a biosphere is it is basically a huge green house that normally contains a huge botanical garden. however mine is going to have a special twist. It will have a twist. It will have all the birds, reptiles, mammals of the Amazon Basin.

I fell in love with the Amazon when I travelled there to do research on wild green anacondas. In this biosphere I will have animals such as jaguars, yellow/red foot tortoise, anacondas, and capybara. It will be a reenactment of the Amazon Basins ecosystem. I just received news that I got a zoo grant to build this for multiple research projects that 3 universities wanted to investigate. It will also be open to the public for viewing tours in a special viewing area.

I can’t wait to build this. It has been a dream of mine for a long time and to finally get to do it is a dream come true. I will be keeping you guys updated on the progress of this project. Thank you so much for your support.

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